Where The Boats Go - LP (2015)

by Harbor Tea Rooms



Voyage: This track came quite early on in the recording period of this LP. It started off as a jam session trialing our new patches I was working on and suddenly became the intro to something really special. I think this was around January 2015. It came together in about 1 hour and was mixed there and then.

A Different Shade: This track came together midway through the Where The Boats Go Era in June of 2015. We were walking on a route that we walked regularly at the back of where she lived. It was one of those nights where everything was perfect, from the heat of the sun, the subtle breeze and the smell of the grass. It was a magical evening, I am not sure why. I just remember humming this tune in my head..which later became this gem. This was the lead record off the WTBG as I felt like it made a statement. I don't know why that night sticks with me, I can still feel it when I listen to this song.

Dark Waters: This was the first cut that was made for the album. It came from one of the piano parts off an unreleased track from 2014 which was reversed and manipulated in Logic. I don't know why I love this short number so much. It speaks in so many ways. I turn to this song when I am in a nostalgic mood. It's place on the album track listing just works so well from my own crazy perspective.

Brownsea: This song was written about a little island I visited. It is just off Poole in Dorset and it was accessed by this little boat tour. I remember it being such a hot day. Me and my girlfriend walked around seeing the nature. We stumbled across this random deserted beach area that was completely empty. There was so many little areas that were so peaceful. We walked past this massive tree and I remember us just looking at it for a while. It was a magical moment. I just remember us touching hands randomly. I love listening to this song. It's very close to me.

Daglands Hill: This one is simple. It's about a steep bastard hill in Fowey. Hard to walk down, even fk'n harder to walk back up it. Thats all I'm saying...lovely town though. I could probably tackle it better now I'm fitter. The sample in the background was the man who was taking us on a boat trip around the waters.

Sea Of Hope: This one is a strange song as it's very emotional and it gives me goosebumps. I am not sure what I was feeling on this record. I just remember having fears..about lots of things, money, losing the person I loved and not being good enough..just hoping there was some hope..to stop feeling that way and enjoy what was around me without worrying too much... - I guess it's about wanting to be a better person.

Where The Boats Go: The song that glues the whole album together. You pull this one and it collapses into itself. The song was written whilst looking at the albums artwork. It was about the walk that evening along the Poole Harbour. It was an amazing night. One of my favourite memories. It is also dedicated to a friend I was working with at the time and had known since I was a little boy. His name was Ian. Rest In Peace.

A30: This song is about driving along the a30 with the window half down. Sometimes there is nothing sweeter than driving to your destination for the weekend, hearing your lady singing to tracks on the radio and taking in the cool air.

Harbour View: For a start, I spelt Harbour correctly this time (yay). I'm going to be honest..I haven't a clue where this one came from. I have a feeling I was looking through loops I had recorded for the album and I couldn't find that perfect track 9 moment anywhere. It came together quite quickly. I was listening to a lot of Zero 7 and Noel Gallagher at the time..which is what inspired the drum style.. I see this as the perfect track to sit in a lounge with your cat just thinking about life and whats going to be in the newspaper tomorrow.

Where Do We Go: I don't really have much to say about this one. It is a mish mash of several ideas for songs broken down into one instead of having too many tracks on the album. It worked out better than I expected. If I remember correctly, the piano part came to me in a dream.


released July 27, 2015

Written, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Mat Lane


all rights reserved



Mat Lane Nuneaton, UK

The man behind ambient/electronic act Harbor Tea Rooms

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